Effort SUCKS

They performed at a level that was effortless. That is what everyone (especially athletes) aspire to achieve greatness in a effortless cool way. No one wants to grind it out anymore, show effort. I loved the grind of preparing for anything of a physical nature, I would try to make my training, practice, and overall preparation harder than the contests that I performed in. This gave me sense of confidence that I could handle any situation during the game and impose my will on whoever I was competing against. I am in the process of applying that same love of the grind to what I do as a trainer. It has been a learning experience over the last several years to have the same no nonsense attitude to, marketing, writing, selling, and finance that I had when I was lifting weights, running, nutrition planning (this sucked bad), and physical therapy/prehab while I was playing.

Everything that you do is dictated by your effort, and your effort is dictated by your attitude and your belief (blind faith) that you can get the job done.  There is another element that could be added as the secret sauce that can guarantee your success, that is desire. Desire to be the best, the desire to be great, or the desire to just make things happen. But in some cases desire will get you just so far, and some would say that desire fades with time and loss of interest. That is when you have to dig deep and go beyond your desire to do and have the grit and persistence to move forward.

The effort you put forth to complete a task will take you farther and allow you to see who you really are, and you will need all the blind faith, desire, and a great attitude to give your effort a foundation that will increase your chances of success. Great effort separates the good from the GREAT! So Just SELL OUT! And give it all you got to accomplish your goals.