Is your success Too expensive?

Everything has a price, what price are you willing to pay to reach your goal successfully? What are your goals? Or do you just have dreams and aspirations inside your head in a comfortable place that you just admire and they are fun to think about? Where is your plan if action to make your dreams a reality? And most importantly what price are you willing to pay to make it happen? Those are the questions I ask myself everyday some days I have to force myself to make my actions match my goals. Over the last year, my goals have been good but that was not great! And so went my effort, it was good on a great day and ok on a good day; which equals average. As I prepare for the mid-year and as I look forward I will make my goals larger than my current life, this is scary but I need this more than anything. I don’t like being comfortable but it’s easy to be comfortable. I DON’T NEED EASY! As an athlete, I truly loved everything thing about playing sports but there were days that I did not like the preparation, the long hours watching game film, and even sometimes lifting weights (and anyone who knows me knows how much I love lifting weights). And looking back on this I see that during those times I was internally complaining and forming excuses I was close to discounting my effort and trying to justify paying half price to fully reach my goals. That won’t work! The works you put forth determine your results. Your efforts must be balanced with your goals! BIG GOALS+BIG EFFORT=THE RESULTS  YOU DESERVE. 

Balance your goals with your effort don’t except something for nothing. (Note to self)