Top 6 Health and Performance Nutrition Tips that can Improve your Recovery and Healing 

Top 6 Health and Performance Nutrition Tips that can Improve your Recovery and Healing 

  These all help in the management of the inflammatory response that is triggered from heavy bouts of exercise and or competitive event. These foods also provide the vitamins and minerals needed to promote healing and repair                                         

Create Your Environment or Your Environment Will Create YOU

Create Your Environment or Your Environment Will Create YOU

As I continue my journey as a father, coach/trainer, (ex-husband lol) and entrepreneur/business owner, sometimes I can have in a bit of a negative disposition, if I allow these short-term situations within the surrounding environment around me control my attitude and my approach towards my daily activities that negative environment will  influence my behavior to a certain extent and if I don’t recognize this negative influence my  environment will create my reality, which will influence my behavior and when that happens my environment is creating who I am..... Unless I make a conscious effort to maintain a positive environment.

Are you Ceasar?

Are you Ceasar?

As I write this post I continue to ask myself are you, Caesar? And to be honest I would like to think that I am and I see myself in that way (most of the time) but sometimes my impatience leads me in the opposite direction; not all of the time but enough for me to see it. I truly love helping people and seeing them reach their goals and go beyond any perceived limitations. I truly care about the well-being of everyone because I feel showing someone that they matter and that they are acknowledged and their opinions and points of view are valued leads to them passing those valuable traits onto someone else and leading them to hopefully develop other leaders.

Is your success Too expensive?

Is your success Too expensive?

 Everything has a price, what price are you willing to pay to reach your goal successfully? What are your goals? Or do you just have dreams and aspirations inside your head in a confortable place that you just admire and they are fun to think about. Where is your plan if action to make your dreams a reality? And most importantly what price are you willing to pay to make it happen? Those are the questions I ask myself everyday some days I have to force myself to make my actions match my goals. Over the last year my goals have been good but that were not great!

The Missing Link

The Missing Link

With this oversold focus on nutrition our diets have evolved into an over specialized industry that sells us on the "magic" formula that comes in a pill, powder, or ready to drink mixture of proprietary ingredients that are not listed on the packaging. This is especially true for active athletic individuals at all levels.

Travel Training - Fitness on the Road


Nothing is more problematic than trying to keep your fitness program alive and well while you have to travel. Hotels may not often have the gym equipment that you utilize. Finding the time between your busy schedules is almost nonexistent. There's a couple of quick "in room" programs that you can perform quickly and efficiently and still maintain all of your hard work.

Movement Prep: 

  • Forward Lunge  
  • Reverse with reach Lunge
  • Lateral Lunge
  • Alternating Reach
  • Hand Walks  

Exercises- Perform 3 sets for each exercise

1) Overhead Squats w/ travel bag or body weight - 10 reps

  • 30 sec rest between set

2)Incline Pushups (performed on the edge of the bed or desk) - 10 reps

  • Jumping Jacks for interval - 1 min work 15 sec rest 2 sets   

3) Split Squats w/ travel bag on shoulder - 8 reps each leg

  • 30 sec rest between sets   

4) Dips performed on edge of bed or small table - 15 reps

  • Jump Rope 1 min work 15 sec rest for 2 sets

Core Work- 2 sets

  1. Reverse Crunch- 30 sec work 10 sec rest
  2. Hip Crossovers- 30 sec work 10 sec rest
  3. Planks- 10 sec rest between
  • Forward - 25 sec
  • Right side - 25 sec
  • Left side - 25 sec 

Remember in the end, you're trying to maintain your standard fitness regiment that you have on your home turf.  Proper form is critical, take extra care knowing that you are not in a facility designed for fitness. And if you find the time you can do this whole program over to get a real workout!