Top 6 Health and Performance Nutrition Tips that can Improve your Recovery and Healing 

Top 6 Health and Performance Nutrition Tips that can Improve your Recovery and Healing 

  These all help in the management of the inflammatory response that is triggered from heavy bouts of exercise and or competitive event. These foods also provide the vitamins and minerals needed to promote healing and repair                                         

3 Options To Help you lose that last 20 lbs

You are well on your way to hitting the 30 lb weight loss goal you set for yourself on January 1st 2019. You are 1 month and 15 days into your training and nutrition regimen, and you are 10 lbs down (that breaks down to about 1 lb -1.5 lb per week).

Here are the Atlas Pro Training’s top 3 options to help you lose that last 20 lb over the next 12 weeks so you can be ready for the summer by early May 2019!

1) Intermittent Fasting -

This is a basic form of calorie restriction. Although there are several different versions of intermittent fasting, they all have the same fundamental rule; No Food or drink with a caloric value are to be consumed during the fast.

One of the most popular versions is the 16/8 method where you fast for the first 16 hours of the day, then you eat during the last 8 hours of the day consuming 1-2 meals.


  • Reduces insulin resistance - which is key in helping manage certain metabolic issues

  • Reduces inflammation

  • May improve Heart health

  • May improve brain function and health


  • May interfere with Mood (for the first few days or weeks)

  • May interfere with social eating

  • Digestive issues - Constipation due to limited fluid consumption

  • This is a true trial and error and behavioral modification method

2) Increase Workload/Intensity -


This is tried and true way to increasing your energy expenditure to 525-625cal of energy per day. This could possibly help you hit that 1 lb- 1.5 lb fat loss per week. However, the 1# rule to remember is that you can not train yourself out of a bad or inconsistent nutrition/diet routine. The key in any exercise plan is have some variety and different variations of physical activity that match your goals and your personality. For example, some people like to lift weights and hate cardio (that’s me :-)) and vice versa. For example, you could increase your workload, ie., distance of running, increasing the weight that you lift, increasing the amount of reps, etc. You can also add or increase a different type of physical activity to your training program, ie., add more running/ walking/ sprinting to your training program, reduce your rest times between sets to less than 30 sec. (This adds a “cardio” element to your weight lifting session , which can help you increase your energy expenditure leading to more fat loss). You can incorporate a weightlifting circuit in your daily training program. Doing so will improve strength level and allows you to gain more lean muscle. This action will increase your metabolic rate and your increased energy expenditure will lead to fat loss.


  • This method increases your physical activity

  • Adds variety to your training routine

  • Can help create balance within your training program


  • Adds time to your training session

  • This training method works best when it is combined with a diet and or nutrition plan

  • Requires additional effort to track results

3) Track & Count Macros along with Body composition Testing analysis

This is a more holistic way of planning out your weightloss program, and in my opinion, this should be the first method you should try to lose unwanted fat.

Tracking and counting your macronutrients (i.e. Fats(9 calories per gram), Protein(4 calories per gram), Carbohydrates(4 calories per gram), can take the guesswork out of planning your meals in regards to calculating an accurate caloric balance that fits your lifestyle and or training program.

Body Composition testing and analysis - This is an essential element to reach your fat loss goals. When combined with tracking your macros, these tools can help you create a nutrition program that fits your lifestyle, health, and fitness goals. Body Composition testing gives you hard, accurate numbers that will allow the necessary adjustments to your health and fitness plan. This helps you see your total fat loss not just your weight loss

InBody270 pix.png


  • This method is accurate

  • With the assistance of a Professional you can help hold you accountable to your goals

  • This method can be applied to everyone


  • This a labor intensive method and requires your full attention

  • You have to obtain access to credible body composition testing equipment

  • Counting Calories - Need I say more

Finding The Function in Disfunction: The Foundation of Functional Training

Finding The Function in Disfunction: The Foundation of Functional Training

The assessment that I use to evaluate the movement of my clients is inspired by the FMS and there are elements of the FMS in my 4 point movement assessment. What I am looking for with my basic knowledge of human movement and kinesiology is making sure that the athlete has good, ankle, hip, and shoulder. I also assess Thoracic mobility and stability which affects everything from your breathing to your shoulder and lower back health. I started producing a series of videos showing exercises that I use to improve the strength and the mobility of these three key areas, here is one of them......

Create Your Environment or Your Environment Will Create YOU

Create Your Environment or Your Environment Will Create YOU

As I continue my journey as a father, coach/trainer, (ex-husband lol) and entrepreneur/business owner, sometimes I can have in a bit of a negative disposition, if I allow these short-term situations within the surrounding environment around me control my attitude and my approach towards my daily activities that negative environment will  influence my behavior to a certain extent and if I don’t recognize this negative influence my  environment will create my reality, which will influence my behavior and when that happens my environment is creating who I am..... Unless I make a conscious effort to maintain a positive environment.

The value of what you do

The value of what you do

Tonight I had the opportunity to attend a high-speed networking event and I learned a lot about myself, I am beginning to see how to communicate my “message” and my purpose in a more effective way. I have come to the realization that connecting with people is the best way to reach people, not by manipulating their emotions but connecting with them, don’t sell yourself be yourself within your purpose. I am on a mission to reach as many people as I can so that I can show my value to the people who are ready to receive my message.

Are you Ceasar?

Are you Ceasar?

As I write this post I continue to ask myself are you, Caesar? And to be honest I would like to think that I am and I see myself in that way (most of the time) but sometimes my impatience leads me in the opposite direction; not all of the time but enough for me to see it. I truly love helping people and seeing them reach their goals and go beyond any perceived limitations. I truly care about the well-being of everyone because I feel showing someone that they matter and that they are acknowledged and their opinions and points of view are valued leads to them passing those valuable traits onto someone else and leading them to hopefully develop other leaders.

Six Proven ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Six Proven ways to Boost Your Metabolism

These are just a few suggestions on how to increase your bodies ability to burn calories more efficiently, and help you maintain your healthy body weight.

Travel Training - Fitness on the Road


Nothing is more problematic than trying to keep your fitness program alive and well while you have to travel. Hotels may not often have the gym equipment that you utilize. Finding the time between your busy schedules is almost nonexistent. There's a couple of quick "in room" programs that you can perform quickly and efficiently and still maintain all of your hard work.

Movement Prep: 

  • Forward Lunge  
  • Reverse with reach Lunge
  • Lateral Lunge
  • Alternating Reach
  • Hand Walks  

Exercises- Perform 3 sets for each exercise

1) Overhead Squats w/ travel bag or body weight - 10 reps

  • 30 sec rest between set

2)Incline Pushups (performed on the edge of the bed or desk) - 10 reps

  • Jumping Jacks for interval - 1 min work 15 sec rest 2 sets   

3) Split Squats w/ travel bag on shoulder - 8 reps each leg

  • 30 sec rest between sets   

4) Dips performed on edge of bed or small table - 15 reps

  • Jump Rope 1 min work 15 sec rest for 2 sets

Core Work- 2 sets

  1. Reverse Crunch- 30 sec work 10 sec rest
  2. Hip Crossovers- 30 sec work 10 sec rest
  3. Planks- 10 sec rest between
  • Forward - 25 sec
  • Right side - 25 sec
  • Left side - 25 sec 

Remember in the end, you're trying to maintain your standard fitness regiment that you have on your home turf.  Proper form is critical, take extra care knowing that you are not in a facility designed for fitness. And if you find the time you can do this whole program over to get a real workout!



"X" Does Not Mark the Spot

As a personal trainer and strength coach, the question I get the most from all of my potential clients and from people in general is — “what resistance machine or cardiovascular exercise can help me lose my gut, back fat, flabby legs, double chin, etc.?”


This is a myth that has existed for decades with the invention of get "toned" and thin quick schemes and machines that have come out and we will begin to become bombarded with in the next several months as the we try to get beach ready.

 Everyone wants that quick easy solution whether its a exercise movement to get rid of those stubborn love handles , or that wings and beer. The idea that  you can  trim down your belly, or slim down your thighs, or smooth out those lumps of fat on your back by performing a specific exercise by targeting a body part is one of the most predatory myths that exist in the health and fitness industry. Its not physiologically possible to change the composition of a specific area of the body by performing a targeted movement. The body does not  unilaterally respond to stimulus in that way, and or move part by part, the body is connected throughout by tough fibrous connective tissue called fascia. This tissues primary function is to provide stability and support to the body, this is one of the many systems which the body depends on to function along with the muscular skeletal system the central nervous system, and the skeletal system. These all work in concert to allow the body to perform at a consistent, steady pace or to adapt to an increase in intensity during a workout. With all that being said it is not possible or would not be efficient for the human body to depend on one specific body movement for one part of the body to improve its "tone", size, or composition.

The most efficient method to lose that belly, saddle bag arms, love-hate handles, and all of the other body part composition imperfections we do not like is to exercise for at least 45 to 60 minutes at least 3-4 days per week with a combination of cardiovascular training to improve your cardiovascular efficiency, and resistance training to increase your lean muscle mass. The most efficient is to include at least on to two days of HIIT work into your workout. If you have any questions or motivation issues your should consult, train and work with a certified personal trainer to get the most out of your exercise program.