Top 6 Health and Performance Nutrition Tips that can Improve your Recovery and Healing 

Top 6 Health and Performance Nutrition Tips that can Improve your Recovery and Healing 

  These all help in the management of the inflammatory response that is triggered from heavy bouts of exercise and or competitive event. These foods also provide the vitamins and minerals needed to promote healing and repair                                         

Create Your Environment or Your Environment Will Create YOU

Create Your Environment or Your Environment Will Create YOU

As I continue my journey as a father, coach/trainer, (ex-husband lol) and entrepreneur/business owner, sometimes I can have in a bit of a negative disposition, if I allow these short-term situations within the surrounding environment around me control my attitude and my approach towards my daily activities that negative environment will  influence my behavior to a certain extent and if I don’t recognize this negative influence my  environment will create my reality, which will influence my behavior and when that happens my environment is creating who I am..... Unless I make a conscious effort to maintain a positive environment.

"X" Does Not Mark the Spot

As a personal trainer and strength coach, the question I get the most from all of my potential clients and from people in general is — “what resistance machine or cardiovascular exercise can help me lose my gut, back fat, flabby legs, double chin, etc.?”


This is a myth that has existed for decades with the invention of get "toned" and thin quick schemes and machines that have come out and we will begin to become bombarded with in the next several months as the we try to get beach ready.

 Everyone wants that quick easy solution whether its a exercise movement to get rid of those stubborn love handles , or that wings and beer. The idea that  you can  trim down your belly, or slim down your thighs, or smooth out those lumps of fat on your back by performing a specific exercise by targeting a body part is one of the most predatory myths that exist in the health and fitness industry. Its not physiologically possible to change the composition of a specific area of the body by performing a targeted movement. The body does not  unilaterally respond to stimulus in that way, and or move part by part, the body is connected throughout by tough fibrous connective tissue called fascia. This tissues primary function is to provide stability and support to the body, this is one of the many systems which the body depends on to function along with the muscular skeletal system the central nervous system, and the skeletal system. These all work in concert to allow the body to perform at a consistent, steady pace or to adapt to an increase in intensity during a workout. With all that being said it is not possible or would not be efficient for the human body to depend on one specific body movement for one part of the body to improve its "tone", size, or composition.

The most efficient method to lose that belly, saddle bag arms, love-hate handles, and all of the other body part composition imperfections we do not like is to exercise for at least 45 to 60 minutes at least 3-4 days per week with a combination of cardiovascular training to improve your cardiovascular efficiency, and resistance training to increase your lean muscle mass. The most efficient is to include at least on to two days of HIIT work into your workout. If you have any questions or motivation issues your should consult, train and work with a certified personal trainer to get the most out of your exercise program.